Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pumpkin Cat, Cutie Creator, and Angel Cat Taobao Stores Review

Thanks to my last Taobao order going so smoothly I decided to place another one! I used Spree Now as my shopping service, the same as last time, and it went perfectly. You can read my review of them here. The main reason for the order was the Angel Cat JSK that I reserved. It was my first time placing a Taobao item on reserve, and it took a little over a month for production, just as estimated by the brand.

When I checked out with Spree Now, the only shipping options were airmail this time. The tracking number didn't update for a month after my SS shipped it out, and then suddenly it arrived with 2 updates in my state. 1 month is pretty usual time for Airmail, but I was nervous because the number never updated! Everything arrived safely, though.

Pumpkin Cat - Blouses
(Store Link)

These blouses were probably the best deal of this haul! I was worried that these would be too thin because they're a chiffon material, but they're actually reasonably opaque and easy to wear. They run true to the measurements. The elastic in the sleeves fits nice around my arms, not too tight, but not loose where the sleeves lose their poofy shape. It's so nice to find blouses that run small enough for more petite builds. The lace on these is absolutely gorgeous too. It's soft and detailed. The colors are vibrant and not washed out. One thing to note may be that they have different buttons. The lavender has sparkly iridescent buttons, and the yellow blouse has pearl buttons.  This is visible in the stock photos but isn't super noticeable.

Cutie Creator - Alice Bows and Wristcuffs
(Store Link)

The bows are a really good staple piece, I'm glad I got more than one. They're an easy way to find a matching accessory for a dress because they come in so many colors. They're super perky and always sit just right. I'm not really sure what I think of the charm that they have hanging from them, so I may remove them. They were packaged in their own individual boxes, which is nice because they kept their shape during shipping. The wristcuffs are a little over-sized. They almost have too much lace which covers most of my hands so I feel like they look a bit silly, but I have yet to actually wear them out so it's hard to say.

Angel Cat - Starry Night Boat JSK and Accessories
(Store Link)

The dress has 2 pockets!! Even though one side has a side zipper, each side has a pocket. The print has vibrant colors. The stock photos made it appear more pale, but thankfully it's a lot more cheerful in person. It isn't the crispest print, but it almost adds to the dreamy watercolor effect in a way. The print is so pretty, with clouds and stars above an ocean horizon. The lace on the dress is different than the stock photos but I actually prefer it. The buttons on the bodice are shaped like bows which is super cute. The waist ties are removable which is super nice if you want to wear cardigans over the dress. The measurements seem to be accurate, the dress fits me how I was expecting it to. The fabric wrinkles easily, but I think it is still good quality for the price overall. It's soft and comfy to wear.

The hair bow got a little bent during shipping, but I haven't had a chance to try to fix it yet. The overskirt was a separate piece that was an additional price. The bow that came with it was a little sad looking, so I switched it out with another one. It maintains its shape really well and doesn't wrinkle too easily which is nice.

(Store Link)

I got a pencil bag, some stickers, and tape from this store. They have all kinds of stationary, key-chains, stickers, and other merch with sanrio and san-x characters!

Outfit Rundown:
Alice Bow - Cutie Creator
Blouse - Pumpkin Cat
JSK - Starry Night Boat - Angel Cat
Wristcuffs - Red Maria
Shoes - Sosic Shop

Here's the dress on! I love the way it looks with the blouse, the seashell lace goes so well with the theme. This coord also features somethings that I got in my most recent Taobao haul that I'm still writing the post for. I like to try to wear most of the things out before I write a review, but it should be coming soon! 

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Thank you for reading!


  1. A nice haul. Reminded me I have to add more accesory.

    1. Thank you so much! You can never have to many accessories :)