Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Lolita Wardrobe Post

Happy January! Happy Wardrobe Post Season! 

This past year I feel like I finally achieved my the wardrobe to make my dream style come true! 2017 was a great year for collecting dresses and meeting a lot of goals that I had set for myself. I'm currently working on putting together my 2018 resolutions to set new goals for myself, but in the meantime here is my wardrobe post for the start of the new year.

My style is mainly very colorful sweet, with the occasional venture into something new. I like bright colors and pastels, mixing patterns, retro themes, and animal prints. 

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Star Mille-Feuille JSK (2014) in Sax x Blue x Cream

Angelic Pretty - Milky Planet (2013 re-release) in Sax

Back in 2013 I saw someone wearing Milky Planet in navy and it was my breaking point to finally getting into the fashion. It became a dream dress and then I finally tracked it down.

Emily Temple Cute - Gelateria Cat OP (2014) in Mint

This arrived the morning I started taking my photos! I never thought ETC could fit me so well. There's a gorgeous coord with the JSK version of this print in volume 4 of Girlism magazine that inspired me to track this down.

Angelic Pretty - Marshmallow Bunny Ribbon JSK (2012) in Sax x White

That darker blue color is actually a lot more lavender in person. You can imagine my excitement when I opened it up. Also sorry about the awful wrinkles, dresses that have that built in layer of tulle wrinkle like hell when squished in a closet together.

Angelic Pretty - Sweetie Chandelier JSK (2013) in Sax x White

My ultimate dream dress!

Angelic Pretty - Dreamy Girl JSK (2014) in Lavender

My most worn JSK? Also one of the pieces that I've had the longest.

Angelic Pretty - Candy Sprinkle JSK (2013) in Lavender

Angelic Pretty - Aquarium Carnival Peplum JSK (2016) in Lavender

This is currently up for sale over on lacemarket.

Angelic Pretty - Cotton Candy Shop JSK (2014) in Lavender

I've been really into lavender x yellow together lately.

Emily Temple Cute - Poodle JSK (???) in Lavender

More lavender x yellow.

Angelic Pretty - Lyrical Party JSK (2011) in Lavender

Vintage style illustrations, polka dots, bunnies, cupcakes, the brightest shade of lavender ever, the perfect fit... there's too much that I love about this. 

Angel Cat - Starry Night Boat JSK (2016) in Pink

Impossible to tell in the photo, but the fabric has a neat pearlescent effect to it.

Bodyline - L328 in Pink

I've only worn this once, but I never post it for sale online because it's so heavy and I know shipping would be outrageous.

Lulu's Garden - Strawberry Gingham JSK (2017) in Pink

Favorite casual piece.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - I Scream Halter JSK (2013 rerelease) in Pink x Red

My first ever lolita purchase. I'm very thankful that it still matches up with my current style.

Metamorphose - Heart Leopard Print Babydoll Pinafore Dress With Bloomers (2008) in Brown

My first purchase of 2018 was a really exciting one!

Angelic Pretty - Merry Making Party JSK (2010) in Yellow

The hot pink trim matches my glasses really nicely :)

Angelic Pretty - Baked Sweets Parade JSK (2016) in Mint

Currently selling over on lacemarket.

Angelic Pretty - Vintage School JSK (2012) in Navy x White

Poofiest dress I own.

Angelic Pretty - Royal Cards Magician JSK (2012) in Black

I really want to do an Alice in Wonderland themed coord with this someday.

Alice and the Pirates - Original Tartan Check JSK (2009) in Black x Pink

Every once in a while I think about selling this, but it's so great to throw on.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Alice's Doll House Ribbon JSK (2013) in Black

The first of my dream dresses that I found!

Angelic Pretty - Fancy Paper Dolls JSK With Collar (2013) in Black

My first AP dress.

Angelic Pretty - Chocolat Chan Going Out OP (2007) in Black

The oldest piece I think I own.

Souffle Song - Mucha 4 Seasons OP (2016?) in Black

I wish I wasn't too tall for this because it's so pretty. Also for sale over on lacemarket.

Black Peace Now - Asymmetrical Skirt (???) in Black x Ivory
Surface Spell - Multi Layer Skirt (2017?) in Black x Red

Every once in a while I got to shake things up!

Metamorphose - Night Carnival Mini Skirt (2014) in Navy
Angelic Pretty - Fantasy Theater Skirt (2014) in Black

The neon colors in Night Carnival are absolutely glorious. One of my favorite Meta prints. 

Angelic Pretty - Drained Cherry Skirt (2013 original release) in White
Angelic Pretty - Lady Gingham Skirt (2013) in Black

I like pieces that have slight retro vibes <3

Angelic Pretty - Velvet Skirt and Bustier Set (???) in Red

If anyone knows the official name or year of this I would really appreciate it!

Bodyline - L346 Love Jewelry Skirt in Red
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Strawberry Frappe Skirt. Also known as Pup in a Cup. (2008) in Pink

2 of my earliest pieces and still 2 of my most frequently worn.

Angelic Pretty - Menuet Bouquet Skirt (2015) in Lavender
Angelic Pretty - Victorian Tassel Skirt (2014) in Pink

I think these are the only lavender label AP pieces I have.

Angelic Pretty - Wrapping Ribbon Skirt (2014 rerelease) in Lavender
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Chelsea La La Skirt (2011) in Sax

Not really sure what to say other than I love skirts.

Metamorphose - Fantasy Parade Mini Skirt (2016) in Mint
Bodyline - Military Sweets Skirt in Mint

I had that Bodyline print in the pink JSK ages ago but then when I got too tall for it I eventually replaced it with the skirt in mint which I like so much more.

Souffle Song, Angelic Pretty x2, Bodyline, Pumpkin Cat, Angelic Pretty, Algonquins

I am searching for the Milky Chan skirt (print or applique version) to match the blouse in white, pink, sax, or black if you happen to see it for a good deal ;)

Taobao, Atelier Pierrot, Vintage, Bodyline, Meta, Bodyline, Pumpkin Cat

I forgot a blouse in each of the photos, I'm sorry D:

Angelic Pretty

Bodyline x2, Offbrand x2

Angelic Pretty x3, Innocent World

Emily Temple Cute, Taobao, Target and other offbrand
There's a lot more offbrand cardigans not pictured that weren't readily available for photos.

All Angelic Pretty

Marine Story Ring (2011) in Red
Melody Toys Heart Ring (2014) in Lavender
Gingham Love Heart Ring (2008) in Pink

Fancy Lyrical Bunny Earrings and Necklace (2013) in Pink
Shyness Bear Face Necklace (2011) in Mint
Present Necklace (2007) in Black

Heartbeat Ribbon Necklace (2012) in Yellow
Milky Planet Necklace (2013) in Yellow

Dreamy Horoscope Necklace (2010) in Sax
Crystal Pegasus Necklace (2014) in Sax

Aurora Ribbon Necklace (2009) in Mint
Bashful Bear Drops Necklace (2012) in Pink
Promenade de Paris Necklace (2013) in White

Magical Balloon Necklace (2014) in Red
Candy Emblem Brooch (2013) in Red

Fantasy Theater Hat Brooch (2014) in Red
Fantasy Theater Necklace (2014) in Black
Trump Carnival Pony Necklace (2010) in Black

Fantasy Elephant Necklace (2011) in Pink
Dream Ribbon Necklace (???) in Lavender
Melty Moon Necklace (2013) in Lavender

Sanrio, Holley Tea Time, various artists

All Vintage

Taobao, F21, Sanrio, Sweetheart Square, Chocomint, Claire's

Rings, Earrings and Necklace - Puvithel on Etsy
Necklace - Closet Child

Taobao, Artists, Vintage, Ebay

Taobao, Sweetheart Square, Ribbon Cake, Chocomint, Cutie Creator, F21

Pinky Girls, Cutie Creator, Lolita Collective

Angelic Pretty, vintage

Cutie Creator

All my bag charms!

Detachable Sleeves - Red Maria
Wristcuffs - Angelic Pretty, Belladonna, Cutie Creator, Taobao

Angelic Pretty, Sweet Mildred, Enchantlic Enchantilly, Taobao, Cutie Creator

Angelic Pretty, F21, Loris

Btssb, Taobao, Angelic Pretty, Diamond Honey

Angelic Pretty, Diamond Honey

all Angelic Pretty

Taobao, Bodyline, AnTaiNai, Sosic Shop, Vince Camuto

Thank you so much for reading! <3


  1. Your wardrobe is so super pretty! Seeing your accessories in particular made me really happy, so much cuteness in one image.

    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to be sure to get nice photos of them up close this time because I feel like they're such an important part of my collection. Are you planning on doing a wardrobe post again this year? :)

    2. I didn't realise how many pretty jewellery pieces you actually had, it's honestly pretty I want more pretties!

      And I certainly am! I have already started the long arduous task of ironing everything in preparation.

    3. lol buying accessories is my guilty pleasure, I can never stop! XD And I am definitely looking forward to seeing your wardrobe post this year <3

  2. Such a cute and colorful wardrobe! I love the AP jewelry collection, especially the Bashful Bear Drops necklace.

    1. Thank you so much! I always see it pop up for good deals so I'm tempted to buy it in more colors