Friday, August 19, 2016

Spree Now Taobao Agent Review

I finally worked up the courage to place my first Taobao order which I've avoided for years out of fear of complication, but it was surprisingly much easier than I was expecting. I picked Spree Now as my Taobao agent because the website looked easy to navigate and I'm really glad that I did. I ordered 2 bags, a pair of shoes, and a pair of wristcuffs.

  • August 4 - Order placed and payment sent.
  • August 5 - Loris bags arrive at the warehouse.
  • August 10 - Red Maria and Sosic Shop items arrive at the warehouse. Shipping fee is payed.
  • August 11 - Package is shipped.
  • August 17 - Package arrived!

Ease of Ordering: 5/5
The website uses a cart system which is great because it's something many online shoppers are already used to. There are no emails necessary.  You can search on taobao for whatever you like and then when you find something you just copy and paste the url into a search bar and it pulls up the page below. You can then just turn on google translate if you use chrome as your browser and the size and color options are translated into English or whatever language you prefer. After placing your items in the cart you select an option that says something like "submit for review" and the agent reviews the items in your cart to make sure they are still in stock and can be shipped overseas. Once your cart is approved you may send the payment for the items and the shopping service (or SS) fee. Then they will order your items.

Copy and Paste any item url into the Spree Now homepage to bring up the order form where you select size and color.

The "Shopping Spree" page displays all the items you are working with together on one page, organized by shop. The status bar on the left of each item displays what phase the item is in, including when it is payed for, ordered, arrived at the warehouse, packed for shipping, and shipped.

Communication: 5/5
One of my favorite features of Spree Now is the chat system. If you have any questions you can ask them through the chat without the hassle of sending emails which is very convenient. If you message within their business hours you get a reply in minutes!  

Cost: 4/5
The SS fee is a bit higher than some places at 10%, but with the organization of the site I think it's very well worth it. Most of the agents I looked at charge between 7-10%. This may seem like a lot but with how cheap most thing are on Taobao, it's still cheaper than buyer from main brands. Payment can be made through a few different methods, and Paypal is included which is very popular. They do charge the 3% service fee for processing the Paypal payments. I'm not sure if there are service fees for the other payment options.

Speed: 5/5
Approving my order, sending the payment invoices, and placing my order all happened in 1 night! Spree Now is very efficient. The package was shipped the day after I payer for shipping. 

Shipping: 5/5
There are 4 different shipping options you can use. The cheapest was about $38 and the most expensive was $75, so there was a significant savings between the four. No information was given about how long each one would take but I felt safe picking the cheapest one because it was still a type of EMS which is usually pretty quick. The package arrived in 6 days so I can confirm that the cheapest option is reliable. Everything arrived in a big cardboard box. The contents were wrapped in a plastic bag inside the box. Then each purse was in another separate plastic bag. The wristcuffs were placed in the shoe box. This is my first time receiving a pair of shoes in such good shape! The box had no damage and neither did the shoes. You can also use the website's shipping calculator to try to judge how much to set aside for shipping.

Here is what I got. Click here for the review on the items!

Overall I really recommend Spree Now! They make shopping on Taobao very easy and straightforward. Thank you for reading!

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