Friday, August 19, 2016

Red Maria, Loris, and Sosic Shop Taobao Stores Review

A review for the items in my first taobao order! Red Maria, Loris, and Sosic Shop. For anyone wondering, I used Spree Now as my agent and you can read the review of them here.

Red Maria Wristcuffs
(Store Link) (Item Link)

The color is accurate to the stock photos. They are a very standard sweet pastel pink. The lace has roses, and the charm is heart shaped. The lace is a little stiff but not scratchy so they maintain their shape without flopping around. They are still comfy to wear. These are really good for the price at $7.53 (USD) a pair. They're not as soft as brand wristcuffs, but they're cheaper and better quality than Bodyline. In terms of detail I think they are on the same level as brand wristcuffs. Caution: The listings are only for 1 wristcuff, not 2. So if you want a pair, you need to order the item twice.

Loris Bags:
(Store Link) (Cherry Bag) (Heart Bag)

Both bags are made from synthetic leather. It's not as soft as the material that most of the bigger brands use but I prefer it because they don't scratch as easily. They arrived with stuffing inside and paper wrapped over the hardware to protect it. The cherry bag is absolutely adorable and includes a shoulder strap that can be attached. This wasn't included in any of the stock photos so it was a nice surprise. The heart bag has a small wrinkle in the leather on the side of the front face but it's not too noticeable. The bag is a bit larger than I was expecting, I'm not sure why I imagined it to be smaller. Loris does make some replica bags so you may want to do some research on specific styles before making a purchase.

Sosic Shop Shoes:
(Store Link) (Item Link)

Sosic shop has a lot of cute shoes and they're all very reasonably priced. The style that I picked comes in a lot of colors ranging from the lolita standards like pink, sax, black, and gold to more hard to find colors like dark purple/violet, silver, and navy. I regret not buying more than 1 pair for such a good price. These are the cheapest shoes I've ever bought and they're so comfy too! I like these better than my Bodyline and AnTaiNa shoes. The padding is very soft. The buckles aren't snaps like most lolita shoes, they're secured by hooking the straps in place. They appear to be pretty secure. After wearing these shoes out a few times something I quickly noticed is the texture of the interior material. Unlike Bodyline shoes it isn't slippery but has a bit of grip to it, so my feet don't slide around in the shoe which is really nice. These shoes can easily be worn all day. Another nice thing is that they run very true to size. I wear a size 24.0 in Japanese shoes and according to the size chart provided by Sosic Shop I would wear a 38 in Chinese sizes. I ordered the 38 and they fit perfectly.

I'm going to be on the lookout constantly now for new Taobao brands to try. What are some of your favorite Taobao shops?

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