Friday, December 2, 2016

LBC: Create a Coordinate Under $100

These price based coordinate challenges are some of my favorite challenges because I get to be reminded of some of my best deals that I've found in the fashion! I created two coords this time, and tried my best not to any repeat pieces to add some diversity in style.

Outfit 1: $93
Hat - Taobao - $15
Necklace -Vintage - $15
Blouse - Bodyline - $10
Skirt - Bodyline - $15
Socks - Hue - $3
Shoes - Bodyline - $35

This skirt is the cheapest I've ever found a main piece. It's one of Bodyline's better pieces and has held up well through quite a bit of wear. You can read the review of the skirt here. The hat was a super lucky find at the last swap meet I went to, and the socks were a summer clearance sale find at Macy's. The necklace was from an antique store, which are great places to find accessories, hats, and sometimes blouses for lolita. Bodyline can be great for some of their clothing, but I recommend looking up reviews for the specific piece you want to buy because not everything they sell is good quality.

Outfit 2: $97
OP - Bodyline - $30
Hairbow - Angelic Pretty - $25
Necklace - Promenade de Paris - Angelic Pretty - $20
Socks - Hue - $3
Shoes - Sosic Shop (Taobao) - $19

This dress is one of the nicest Bodyline pieces I've ever had! It's very detailed and has a great silhouette with lots of volume. The shoes are from Sosic Shop on Taoabo, which is my new favorite place to buy shoes. You can read the review of them here. They're the cheapest but comfiest shoes I've bought in lolita, and I have another pair coming in the mail sometime soon. It's totally possible to find pieces that are more affordable if you invest the time to shop around for deals and look at the second hand sites. It may take more time, but it's worth it in the end!

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  1. I really like that first outfit - it's so red! It could be eye-hurting but it really isn't, I enjoy that.

    1. Thank you! Part of it may be due to the bad winter indoor lighting, haha, but I'm glad it isn't too eye-hurting. I really like bolder colors in lolita!