Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Souffle Song, Sosic Shop, Pinky Girls, Loris, Cutie Creator and More: Taobao Stores Review

Another Taobao haul and review! I bought this way back in January and got stuck in the New Year's rush, because I conveniently forgot about it, haha. Like usual I used SpreeNow as my shopping service and they continued to be great: quick communication, fast shipping and overall good service. you can read my review of them here.

The store names are linked to their websites. Be sure to click on any of the photos to enlarge them. 

Souffle Song / Neverland Lolita - Mucha Four Seasons OP and Hime Style Blouse
My absolute favorite thing about souffle song's products is how easy they are to care for! I threw both the dress and blouse into the washing machine on delicate, dried them halfway in the dryer, and then laid them flat to air dry. I didn't even need to iron them because they dried with so few wrinkles. The measurements for both pieces are accurate to the listings.

The blouse I have absolutely no complaints about. It's one of the cheapest blouses I've ever found but I'm very happy with the quality. It's easy to wear, comfy and lightweight. The bow at the neckline is detachable. The only thing to note is that the detachable sleeves do not button onto the blouse, they just stay on your arms with elastic. They don't seem to slide around at all, but I wonder how fast the elastic will stretch out?

The print on the OP isn't the most crisp but it's very vibrant. The elastic is a bit scratchy around the sleeves and neckline but washing it with fabric softener may fix that, I haven't tried yet. The dress is black and appears so in both natural and white light, but in yellow light it looks almost brown. The bow is detachable which I was very thankful for because I did not like the placement of it in the stock photo. Overall I'm happy with the discounted price I was able to get this for, but I don't think I would have paid full price when it was new.

麦麦De小鞋铺 - Black Shoes
I would order a half size (5mm) up since they're kinda tight in the length. This store has mostly replica design shoes, so be careful if that's something you like to avoid. The aren't particularly comfy or anything. The straps snap on and the heel is just plastic. They have Queen Bee insoles inside, I wonder if they're from the same manufacturer?

Sosic Shop - Mint Shoes
What taobao order is complete with shoes from my favorite place?? I'm starting to think the answer is none, lol. They're comfy, well-padded, and the color is accurate to the stock pictures. 10/10 like usual. Something different about these shoes is that they have snaps for the straps and not the usual hooks. This doesn't really affect how they fell, but I know some people have a preference for one over the other.

Sweet Dreamer / Cutie Creator /  CiCiWorks - Gothic Fur Collar, Gloves, and Blue Tricolor Hat
Everything is so detailed! The hat has so many different ribbons on it, I feel like it will match a lot. One of the ribbons was loose but some hot glue was an easy fix. The gloves are made from nice lace, but they are bit on the smaller side and don't stretch too much. The fur collar is very soft and the bow is detachable. It has a pin and a hairclip on the back which was a very nice surprise.

Pinky Girls - Pink Hat
The actual hat material is thin and flimsy, and the pink ribbon is satin so it's shiny, but the flowers and lace are very nice so it evens out pretty well. Measurements were accurate too. Overall I'm still happy with it. Pictures of it worn in my last coord post here.

Loris - Star Bags in Silver and Pink (It's the same bag in 2 colorways)
The best thing about Loris is that their stuff always arrives at my SS literally the next day, and it's very impressive. Good if you need them in a rush. Both bags have adjustable straps and a pocket on the inside with a zipper. I like Loris bags because although the synthetic leather isn't as soft as brand bags, it scuffs and scratches way less quickly. They're pretty durable for their material choice, but still would never last as long as a real leather bag.

哼唧售卖店 - Short Brown Wig and Long Blonde Wig
The brown wig looks very natural. The bangs are pretty thin but this was visible in the stock photos. I like that the way it's curled shows my ears so I can wear cute earrings with it. The blonde wig has a lot of volume to it, but the bangs were kind of thin so I cut more of the sidepieces into bangs. This color isn't quite as convincing though as the brown. Neither of the wigs have shed too much. The brown one I wore once, and the blonde one I only tried on for the sake of photos for this review.

Red Maria - Earmuffs, and Black Floral Hairpiece
The earmuffs are very soft and I love the pearl detailing. They're very oversized but it adds to the look. The black floral hairpiece is super cute and uses nice materials. It's small enough that it looks ok with natural hair too.

If this didn't any answer any of your questions please leave them in the comments below! 

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  1. Such a great haul! I especially love the black shoes and black accessories :) I was eyeing those pumps for some time. You mentioned you should have bought bigger ones, so if I usually wear EU size 38, should I order 39? What about width? I have pretty narrow feet, do the straps keep foot in place? Sorry for so many questions ^^'

    1. Thank you so much! I think the 39 should be the right size. I usually wear a 38 in Chinese sizes but should have gotten the 39. The width is pretty average, I have the same problem because my feet are narrow and they fit ok in the width on me. And don't be sorry for the questions, I'm glad I could help :)

    2. thank you for the reply! It was very helpful :)