Friday, June 9, 2017

J-Fashion Taobao Shop List

I finally organized all of my taobao links so I can share them! This is every interesting store I've found so far, but I will be updating this over time when I find new ones to add. If you want me to keep my eyes out for any particular styles, just comment below and I can try to look.

Lolita Fashion Clothing:

ZJ Story
main pieces with matching accessories, longer dresses
Styles - hime, sweet/classic

main pieces, jewelry,
Styles - sweet, classic,

Penny House
main pieces, shoes
Styles - classic, sweet, gothic

Little Dipper
blouses, bloomers, main pieces
Styles - classic and sweet

Elpress L
main pieces, blouses
Styles - hime, sweet, classic,

Dear Celine
blouses, main pieces
Styles - classic, sweet, gothic

Momo Meng Bear
main pieces and matching accessories
Styles - sweet

Chess Story
main pieces, blouses, petticoats,
Styles - sweet

main pieces
Styles - classic and gothic

Rabbit and Sheep
main pieces, jewelry,
Styles - Sweet

Strawberry Witch
main pieces, petticoats, coats, blouses
Styles - sweet, classic,

Surface Spell
main pieces
Styles - classic, gothic

Aurora and Ariel
main pieces, petticoats
Styles - classic, gothic, and hime

November Night Lolita
main pieces
Styles - sweet and gothic

Cat's Broom
main pieces, blouses
Styles: sweet

Alois Wang
main pieces
Styles - Sweet, Classic

Avenue Denfer
main pieces
Styles - sweet and classic

Angel Cat
main pieces
Styles - sweet and classic

Dark Ruby
main pieces,
Styles - sweet, classic

Diamond Honey
main pieces, bags, tights, blouses
styles - sweet, creepy-cute/goth, classic

Circle2 Lolita
Blouses, cardigans, boleros, coats
Styles - sweet and classic

Haw Berry
main pieces, accessories, tights
Styles - Sweet

Fluff Mollie
main pieces, matching headwear and accessories
Styles - Sweet

Benny's Desire
main pieces, blouses
Styles - Sweet

August Maiden
main pieces
Styles - Sweet

Velvet Nebula
main pieces, blouses,
Styles - Sweet

Ama Stacia
main pieces, blouses,
Styles - Gothic, Classic, Ouji

Xanadu Faerie
main pieces
Styles - Sweet

main pieces
Styles - Classic, Ouji, Aristocrat

Classical Puppets
main pieces
Styles - Classic, Sweet, Gothic, Fairytales

main pieces, matching accessories
Styles - Sweet

Midsummer Lolita
main pieces, matching accessories
Styles - menhera, sweet

Ariel Cat
main pieces
Styles - Sweet

Chemical Romance
main pieces, matching socks
Styles - Sweet

Hinana Queena
main pieces, matching accessories
Styles - hime, classic, rococo influenced

Cherry Bomb
main pieces, matching accessories
Styles - sweet, classic

Little Pink
main pieces, blouses
Styles - classic


main pieces, matching phone cases
Styles - otome

Limi Utopia
main pieces
Styles - otome

Dream Magical
main pieces
Style - otome

Miss Point
main pieces
Styles - classic, otome, vintage

Lulu's Garden
main pieces
Styles - otome, classic lolita, sweet

Belated Knit Sweater
Stlyes - otome, casual, normal

Sweet Cupcake
main pieces
Styles - otome

Other J-Fashions:

Sherry Clothing
tops, blouses, jeans, skirts
Styles - swankiss-kei, larme-kei, himekaji, (lots of replicas though)

Styles - casual cute, himekaji, gyaru, vintage, mori-kei

Styles - gyaru, himekaji,

Looking For
Styles - himekaji, gyaru,

Anne Square Forest Department
Styles - Mori Kei

Mori Girl Butterfly Hope
Styles - Mori Kei

Demi PomPom Skirt Shop
Styles - Fairy Kei petticoats

Styles - Fairy Kei petticoats/skirts,

Styles - Fairy Kei

Venice Cat
Styles - pop-kei, decora, fairy-kei, street-fashion, himekaji

Gothic, Lolita, and Punk
Styles - punk

YaoYao Handmade Shoes
swimsuits, deco shoes



bodyline shoes, AP and AATP replicas,
Styles - gothic, classic, sweet, hime

Liz Jill
lolita shoes, some replicas

Styles - punk, visual-kei, lolita, platforms, some replicas

Sosic Shop
lolita shoes, some replicas
Styles - sweet and classic

most of these are replicas
Styles - gyaru, lolita, swankiss-kei, larme-kei,

Angelic Imprint
lolita and punk shoes
Styles - sweet, classic, punk, sandals,

generic shoes, some gyaru, some lolita


Whale Island
parasols, umbrellas

Der Ewgie
crowns, necklaces, hairpieces
Styles - gothic, ott gothic, hime

Morning Glory
Styles - Sweet, Gothic, Classic

bags. some replicas, some originals.
Styles - sweet, gothic, classic

Sweetheart Small Square
jewelry, bows, hats, hair clips
Styles - sweet, fairy-kei, classic

jewelry, headdresses, pearl jewelry
Styles - sweet, classic, hime

bags. some riginals and some replicas
Styles - sweet, classic,gothic

Haruhi Clover
hats, bags, berets, bows, headdresses
Styles - country, classic, sweet

hair pieces, headdresses, antlers

Fox Cherry
Fox Cherry's Second Website?
hair clips, headdresses, bows, hats
Styles - sweet, classic, gothic

Miss Soso's Shop
exclusively berets
Styles - otome, classic, mori-kei

Cheshire Cat
hair clips, bows, jewelry
Styles - gothic and classic

Tiara Shop
qi-lolita hair pieces, tiaras, crowns
Styles - qi-lolita, hime-lolita

Star Fashion Tiaras
tiaras, qi-lolita hair pieces
Styles - qi-lolita, hime-lolita

Rabbit Lolita
Styles - sweet

Little Song

Cat's Tea Party
bows, accessories, cardigans
Styles - Sweet

Elegant Cat Lolita
bows, hats, gloves, jewelry
Styles: country, sweet, gothic, and classic

hats, headdresses, floral accessories
Styles - Country, mori-kei, classic

Rosettes, berets
Styles - sweet, classic, gothic, cult party kei

譬如朝露 原创设计
Styles - classic, country

Cutie Creator / Sweet Dreamer / CiciWorks
bows, headdreses, hats, jewelry, hairclips, gloves
Styles: classic, sweet, gothic, country


Styles - sweet, fairy-kei, larme-kei, gothic

Ribbon Cake
hair clips, bows, jewelry
Styles - Decora, pop-kei, fairy-kei, sweet, classic

Cake House
bows, necklaces
Styles - sweet, fairy-kei

parasols, headdresses, hats, gloves,
styles - sweet, classic, country 

Red Maria
bows, headdresses, tights, gloves, earmuffs, jewelry
Styles: classic, gothic, and sweet

Dominium Gloria
jewelry, hats
Styles - gothic

Dream and Reality
Styles: classic

Sharon's Rose
Styles: classic, hime, gothic

Pink Sailor
bows, earrings,
Styles: gyaru and larme

Pinky Handmade
Styles - Sweet, Mori

Big Leaf Paper Home
hats, berets
Styles - sweet, country

Tassel Afternoon
headdresses, hats
Styles: hime, classic, sweet


Styles - gothic and classic

Vision World
Styles: sweet and classic

Mu Fish
socks, tights, bags
Styles: gothic, classic, sweet, country, punk

Ruby Rabbit
tights and socks
Styles: sweet and gothic, only darker colors

Ge Family Wholesalers
normal tights

Witty Fruit Reserve
Styles: Sweet and casual

My Butterfly
hair accessories, crowns, antlers, headdresses
Styles: gothic


natural looking wigs, natural and unnatural colors

Natural looking wigs, come with wig caps

Man Really Cosplay
unnatural colors, pastels, lolita and cosplay

Princess Lee Store
wigs, extensions

wigs, gyaru wigs, half wigs

cosplay wigs


wigs for fashion and cosplay, come with wig caps

Treetop Wigs
lolita wigs, mostly natural colors

Misc. Stationary, Home Goods, Merch, Crafting, Other Hobbies:

Girlism Magazine
lolita fashion magazine

Closet Organization
hangers, boxes, sock/jewelry storage

room decor, kitchen accessories, bathroom decor

Mr. Luo's Shop
sleepmasks, pillows, pajamas, bags, room decor

Ita bag supplies

Lace Store
Lace and trims for sewing

Love Busswa Patchwork
fabric for sewing and crafting

Judy Karen
scrapbooking, papercrafting, journaling, planner decorating

Good Will Hunting
doll house miniatures

Huang Xia Mei Toys
doll house miniatures

Re-ment Mini House
re-ment dollhouse miniatures, rilakkuma dollhouse miniatures

Lohas Station
Tsum tsums

Rain House
CCS and Sailor Moon merch

Wendy and Sky
Rilakkuma merch

Holiday Week 8
Alpacas, Sanrio, Disney

Doodle Fat Cat
Amuse plushies and keychains

Stationary, Berets, Swimmer replicas

Swimmer replicas

Wishful Stationary
planners, journals, sketchbooks, stationary, stickers, pens, washi tape etc.

stationary, home goods, phone cases
Sanrio, San-X,and disney

planners, washi tape, and stationary


Green Club

Ruyi Home Sationary
journals, stationary

Easy Museum
stationary, sanrio

Happy Lemon
stationary, keychains

stationary, sanrio

My Secret Girl
stationary, swimmer replicas

Ito Home
stationary, sanrio,

Stationary, sanrio, room decor

Small Lotus Stationary
Stationary and studying supplies

Miss Book
Stationary, Planners

Small Hand Shop

journals, stationary

Jamie Notes
journals, stationary,


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    1. You're welcome! I'm glad to hear that the post is helpful :D

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