Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry Outfits

I put together a few coords with my new Drained Cherry skirt and Alice bow set that I got at my comm's swap meet.

Outfit 1: Retro Cherry Coord
Alice bow - Drained Cherry (2013) - Angelic Pretty
Wig - Mermaid Split - Lockshop
Blouse - Metamorphose
Accessories - Algonquins and Btssb
Wristcuffs - Red Maria (Taobao)
Skirt - Drained Cherry (2013) - Angelic Pretty
Socks - Magical Etoile - Angelic Pretty
Bag - Loris (Taobao)
Shoes - Bodyline

This is one of my favorite coords from all of summer for a few reasons. It features one of my new favorite color schemes of mint x pink x red, and I got to use some of my new items from my Taobao haul last month. My favorite part is the subtle retro inspired details. I like how the Alice bow for this print series is on a thicker band, and I had a chance to break out my red lipstick. I like being able to mix bolder colors in lolita. Also this was another opportunity to wear my Meta blouse which is the comfiest thing ever. 

Outfit 2: Chocolate Covered Cherries
Alice bow - Drained Cherry (2013) - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Angelic Pretty
Accessories - Btssb
Bolero - Bodyline
Bag - Melty Royal Chocolate - Angelic Pretty
Skirt - Drained Cherry (2013) - Angelic Pretty
Tights - Melty Royal Chocolate - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Bodyline

This was a coord that I planned for my comm's chocolate themed meetup this month which unfortunately I can't make anymore. I don't have any chocolate themed dresses, but I do have chocolate themed accessories so I just went for an overall dessert theme with cherries and chocolate together. I hope I get a chance to wear this out soon. It's starting to get a bit cooler where I live now so it's time to break out the boleros and cardigans. This skirt is very easy to wear, it goes with so much.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Drained Cherry is one of few AP prints I like, but like most AP prints I forget exists.
    Mint and red is not common combonation, but it works.

    1. Thank you! I love unusual color combinations in lolita, and try to incorporate them in my outfits whenever I can. I feel like it really emphasizes the quirky vibes of the fashion!