Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bodyline Haul and Review: L581, L376, L328, L346, and shoes 251

I've been in need of some new wardrobe essentials like blouses and shoes, so I placed a Bodyline order to try to fill the gaps in my wardrobe. My purchase included blouse l581, blouse l376, shoes 251, dress l328, and skirt l346. I've been waiting until I had a chance to wear everything a few times before writing this so I could give an accurate review. You can find pictures of some of the coordinates here!

Here is everything I ordered all together!

Blouse L581 in Beige

I had been looking for an ornate cream colored blouse to wear with my Victorian Tassel skirt for quite some time (here is the finished coordinate). I checked  a lot of different brands but everything seemed to be either sold out or way above my price range. Then Bodyline finally released this blouse, and in the perfect colorway that I had been searching for too! It seems a little pricy for a Bodyline blouse, and they even raised the price after releasing it, but I do feel that the quality is worth the price. This is probably the nicest Bodyline piece that I own now. The fabric is light and soft. It is opaque, but I still feel the need to wear a camisole underneath because it's thin. The elastic is comfy and does not bother my skin. The lace may not be the best quality, but unlike most of Bodyline's lace, it isn't scratchy. The cameo pin at the neckline is removable, so it can be worn with other pieces too. The princess sleeves are not overwhelmingly big, which I was a little worried about. I think they're the perfect size. Overall, I'm very happy that I decided to purchase this blouse. Bodyline has really improved their quality with this one.

I'll be using the cameo pin in other coords for sure!

Blouse L376 in Pink x Off-White

I bought this blouse because I wanted a pink, long sleeved blouse that I could easily coord with most of my wardrobe in cooler weather. The blouse seems to run a bit more narrow than the measurements that are listed on Bodyline's website, so that is something to watch out for. I was expecting it to be a little big on me, but it fits me better than I thought it would. There are two pearl buttons at the top and a zipper along one of the sides. The fabric is thin so it wrinkles easily. The sleeves have lace trim and ribbons on them. It's a pretty standard blouse, but it's worth the cheap price.

The details at the neckline are adorable!

Shoes 251 in Dark Pink

Do not buy these shoes if you have narrow feet like I do. They run very wide. I have space between my feet and the straps because the straps are so long. Even with the straps on the tightest size setting, there is still a gap. Excluding my issue with the width, the shoes are well made. The synthetic leather looks and feels soft. The straps have snaps underneath the buckles, so they can be put on and taken off quickly. The shoes have the most padding out of all my Bodyline shoes. These can easily be worn all day because they're flat too. I just wish they fit me better.

Skirt L346, Love Jewelry in Red

This skirt is something extra that I picked up in my order due to the price markdown. It came to $15 after currency conversions! I thought it would be nice for casual wear to school, and be a cheap way to introduce a new color into my wardrobe. Red wasn't my first color choice, but it was the only one that was left in stock. I didn't like the bow that was on the front of the skirt, but thankfully it's removable. The waist ties are also removable. The print is crisp, and I really like the lace border and chiffon trim at the bottom. The waist is elastic and there is a side zipper. What I like the most about this skirt is that it holds the shape of my petticoat(s) really well. It always looks cupcakey! Here's a post with me wearing the skirt if you would like to see what it looks like poofed out. I was only wearing one petticoat in the pictures.

Dress L328 in Pink

This is my first ever OP in lolita! Usually I prefer JSKs because I like to layer my clothes, but it seemed like a good idea to have at least one OP in my wardrobe for quick coordinates. I picked this one because I liked how light and soft the chiffon looked. The material is light and soft in person, but it's also thin so it wrinkles easily. The lace at the bottom has cute polka dots on it, and the lace at the top has flowers on it. My favorite thing about this dress is that it easily holds multiple petticoats. I can wear all three of mine, including an Angelic Pretty petticoat, and I still have room for more! There are so many layers of fabric that the dress is a bit heavier than most. The bow at the waist on the front is removable. My biggest problem with this piece is that the waist ties are not removable.

If you haven't ordered from Bodyline before, I recommend them overall. They have some good prices especially for basic and essential pieces. They're also great for someone who is just starting out in lolita. However, I would try to find specific reviews of what you want to buy because not all of their items are the best quality. 

If you have any questions that I may not have answered here feel free to leave a comment below and I'll reply as quickly as I can. Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

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  1. Hi. I just found your blog! I love it when people post reviews. Thank you. I'm probably going to buy the love jewelry skirt in red now!

    1. It's a really nice piece, especially with the price markdown. Thank you for reading my blog!