Sunday, February 4, 2018

Surface Spell, To Alice, Diamond Honey and More: Taobao Haul and Review

This was a taobao haul that I placed just before Halloween to put my coord together. As usual I used Spree Now as my shopping service, and they were very helpful. The website is also very easy to navigate if you're a first time taobao shopper. You can read my review of their services here. Surface Spell, To Alice, Diamond Honey, Sanrio accessories, and stationary under the cut:

Surface Spell - Skirt (Very positive!)

There are some differences between the skirt in real life and the stock photos. The lacing that they use is actually black and not bright red like how it's pictured. I do very much prefer the look of the black version though. The red fabric underneath is a lot more vibrant in real life. It is shiny, but the tulle over the top helps to tone it down. The fit runs accurate to the measurements. I got a medium for the length, and then took it in a bit to make it fit me better in the waist. The corset lacing doesn't have any shirring underneath, so if you tie it tighter it's a little difficult to not have it bunch up awkwardly on you. It can hold quite a considerable amount of poof, which is always a nice quality in my book. The top part has boning in it, but I'm not sure what it's made out of. It doesn't dig in, which is something that I was worried about. The zipper goes straight down the back of the skirt. Overall this is a really incredible piece for the low price and I really recommend it! It's so breathtaking in person, especially when it's flowing around in the wind. All of the layers give it a very luxurious look. I think it's probably the nicest clothing piece I've gotten from a taobao brand. If you want to see some more pictures of this outfit, you can check my Halloween coord post here.

These are ok for the price. The material will most likely get damaged once these actually start getting use in snow and rain, but they're super cute pieces to add to a winter coord and look so fluffy and soft. The beret is too small to fit over a wig, and is also hard to fit over my natural hair as well... even when I try to pin it in place I don't have much luck. The scarf has snaps to keep it wrapped. I think that they're good for accessories and bags and such, but To Alice has apparently started making a lot of replicas of dresses, replicating official brand and other taobao brand's designs. So try to do a bit of research before buying if you're unsure about something. I wish I knew that before I bought these, even though I think these are original designs. 

Diamond Honey - Socks (NEGATIVE)

The last time I ordered from Diamond Honey I got damaged socks and hair clips. I decided to order 2 more pairs of socks just to see what would happen and because I really wanted more socks. This time I did not receive anything damaged! The print still isn't the sharpest though, and the socks are made from a very thin material. The snagged a few times my first time wearing them out and I usually never snag my socks because I'm so careful. When I wore them out it was over tights, and they didn't slide down too much which is a good sign. They would probably move around more and slide down without tights underneath though.  Overall, I do not recommend Diamond Honey at all... the designs are so cute, but the quality has been awful on everything I've received. 

Sanrio Merch

This plush phone case is the cutest thing. I wanted to get some more Sanrio merch to include with my coords, especially for events like visiting the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck. The hair clips are for more decora outfits. I've ordered from this store a few times and I've never been disappointed. They have lots of disney, sanrio, tsum tsum, peko & usagi, and other character merch and stationary.


I also bought some more stationary to decorate my planner with. The pencil bag and one of the rolls of tape they included as bonus gifts. Not really too much to say about this, there's so many stationary stores on taobao, but I would order from here again, the freebies are a nice touch.

Thank you for reading! 
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