Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck 2017 - Visit 2

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck came back to my state a few months ago! I visited again in another deco coord, and this time only waited about an hour and a half in line for snacks. See my outfit underneath the cut:

I crammed what few Hello Kitty accessories I have into this coord to match the theme, like this new plush phone case!

The full coord!

Coord Rundown:
Accessories - AP, Chocomint, Taobao, Ribbon Cake, Sanrio, Sweetheart Square, Claire's
Blouse - Bodyline
JSK - I Scream For Ice Cream (2013) - BTSSB
OTK's - Diamond Honey
Tights - Melty Chocolate - Angelic Pretty (sorry they're not really visible)
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Sosic Shop on Taobao

These photos were taken at the end of the day, so things were really slipping out of my hair. I don't think I've worn this dress to a meetup before and I wanted to wear red x pink to match Hello Kitty, so it worked out perfectly!

My favorite Sanrio merch is always the stuff that you can wear.

I found a cute area for photos close to the mall where the HK cafe truck was. I want to come here more often for photos. 

Detail shots are my favorite part of mini photo shoots like this.

I had my chocolate tights on underneath my OTK's to go with my bag, but I didn't even realize that they weren't visible. Next time I think I'll try to fold the socks down a little bit. 

Group detail shot! <3

Thank you for reading! Have you been to any exciting meetups lately?


  1. Aww, I wish we had a Hello Kitty truck in the UK, every time I see someone mention it and show photos of what they got there, I get a little pang of envy. Your outfit definitely matches the Hello Kitty/Sanrio madness spirit that they have going on, all you need is some matchy background music and you're a Sanrio mascot yourself :D

    1. Yeah, I'm surprised there aren't more of them around the world with how popular and successful they've been. And thank you so much, that's such a cute thing to picture XD

  2. That is such a cute look! Decora really suits you :)

    1. Thank you! I wasn't expecting the style to grow on me so much when I first started it, but now I'm totally hooked.