Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Secret Santa Meetup and Valentine's Day Coords

Recent outfits!

At the end of January my comm had our Secret Santa gift exchange party! I wore Lyrical Party for the first time and accessorized with red to bring out the details in the print. I didn't get any photos of me wearing it, but I did take some flatlay pictures a few days beforehand. 

Coordinate Rundown:
Alice Bow and JSK - Lyrical Party - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Bodyline
Wristcuffs - Angelic Pretty
Accessories - Ebay, Algonquins, and Btssb
Bag - Loris on Taobao
Socks - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Bodyline

Next is my outfit for Valentine's Day! I kept it pretty casual because of class and then afterwords I helped out with running a bake sale for an organization that I'm part of on campus. I did go all out with my makeup though, including using rhinestone craft store gems. This is actually the first time ever in my life of me styling my hair into a bun. I'm not too sure what I think yet but I thought it would show off the tiny bows in my hair better, additionally helping me make progress towards one of my New Year's resolutions to learning new hairstyles. It looked a bit better before the wind messed with it, lol. I also think this is the cheapest coordinate I've ever put together so I'm proud of that too. It was very easy to wear.

Coordinate Rundown:
Bows - Forever 21
Cardigan - Kohl's
Skirt - Bodyline
Accessories - Vintage and Forever 21
Tights - Target
Shoes - Sosic Shop on Taobao

Thank you for reading!
Did you wear anything special for Valentine's Day this year?


  1. both coordinates are very cute ♥

  2. I really love that first outfit..the red is so unexpected but works really well.

    1. Thank you so much!! Someone said something similar to me on Instagram which surprised me at first because the red is immediately what my eyes are drawn to in the print lol. Next time I want to pair it with yellow to match the bunnies but I'm having a hard time finding the right accessories to match since yellow hasn't been too popular lately.

  3. I agree with Roli, the first coord is fab and all the more so as you wouldn't expect it to work. But the Valentine's Day one is cute too, there's a cute charm in how casual it is. :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's always nice to be able to wear lolita and be comfy at the same time. :D