Friday, February 17, 2017

LBC: 5 Trends and Pieces You Can't Go Without

Thinking about trends and time periods in fashion is always so exciting! It was hard to limit myself to 5, but I think I picked the ones that best reflect my personal sense of style. 

1. Printed Tights
I love mixing patterns and printed tights is one of the easiest ways to accomplish it! I like the almost eclectic look they create, they're such a fun detail.

2. Bight colors, unusual colors, and bold color schemes
I try to play up the quirky aspect of lolita as much as possible by trying out new color schemes and picking up detail colors in prints. I feel like this is more of a personal preference than a trend, but it's definitely something I couldn't go without. I avoid white blouses as much as possible haha. The recent releases with muted colors are really disappointing to me because they don't capture what I love the most about the fashion.

3. Animal Themed Prints
Animal themed prints are some of my favorites! I currently have 5 prints in my wardrobe with bunnies, plus a few with other animals like pup in a cup, and candy sprinkle.

4. Split colored wigs
They remind me of the old style of OTT sweet that was popular years ago around 2010-2013! That is my favorite era of the fashion and what drew me to it in the first place.

5. Block Heel Shoes
I like wearing heels with lolita because they feel so much fancier than just flat shoes. I only have 2 pairs of flat shoes which I usually save for casual coords. I also prefer block heels over the thinner heels that are becoming more prevalent because they remind me of older styles.

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favorite trends or pieces?

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  1. I really enjoy your pattern and colour mixing in outfits.

    1. Thank you so much!! I think it makes the fashion so fun :D

  2. I like bold, unusual and rich colours as well. Dusty pastels(except cream, ivory and the odd ones like syren and sage green) is and has never my cup of tea. I might have something for animals themes as well, they are cute, but neccerasily in your face like a cotton candy print.
    I agree on pattern mixing, it is great way to create a story or theme. It can be very fairy kei or dolly kei.
    Another trend I like is colour blocking, it can be a dress or a skirt, but it can as well being made of seperate pieces.

    1. Yes! I love being able to carry details from a dress through out my whole outfit. And unusual colors really make a coord stand out. Color blocking is something I do a lot with normal clothes but I lack the non-printed pieces in my lolita wardrobe to carry it over.