Thursday, January 12, 2017

LBC: 2017 Lolita Resolutions

No new year is ever complete without resolutions! Thankfully with fashion related resolutions I'm actually motivated to follow through. Here is my list for this year.

1. Wear punk lolita more.
I've worn casual punk coordinates out before, but my main goal for this year is to try to put together a few more detailed coords. I also want to create a blog post here where I can compile all of my inspiration photos I have saved and work out what ideas I want to focus on. This is going to need some wardrobe additions, seeing as how my current main style is very sweet.

2. Learn a few new hairstyles.
This is probably the most needed goal for me. I never really do anything creative with my hair, just curl the ends and try my best to maintain my fringe, a habit that carries over from everyday life. Nicer hair styling would really take my coords to the next level. Above is a wig that I'm hoping to buy soon and I would love to be able to style it nicely like in the stock photo.

3. Find more pieces that are suitable for daily wear. 
I have a bad(?) habit of buying too many ornate pieces because I find them for good prices. I absolutely adore my Star Mille-Feuille JSK but it's unfortunately something I really only get to wear once or twice a year since I lack the number of fancy events to wear it to. Because I usually wear lolita 1-3 times a week, it's always useful to have some more relaxed pieces too, like Angelic Pretty's Menuet Bouquet skirt which is my first purchase of the new year. I usually avoid florals in lolita but the unusual colors in the print were too much to pass up. I love bold colors and quirky combinations in lolita so much!

4. Continue to expand my accessory collection.
My brand jewelry collection more than doubled over the past year, and it would be super cool if that could happen again. My personal mentality is that you can never have too many accessories! (Photo from my wardrobe post.)

Thank you for reading! What are your goals for the new year?

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  1. Acessory is something you can't go wrong.
    Mine is a very few:
    Selling a op:
    It wasn't so much me with those puff sleeves.
    Getting more solids:
    A thing I really bad buying when it is not a blouse.
    More skirts: It Suits me better, but my diffuculty finding blouses in my size, lilla usually the goal.

    1. Those are all good goals! That reminds me, I have some closet cleaning that I really need to do too. I have some blouses and shoes that I don't wear often enough. Good luck with your goals!

  2. It's not strictly Lolita related, but I also made a New Years' Resolution post on my blog!

    1. That's a good list! I agree with dressing up more too, I want to make more time to wear my nice clothes because they make me happy. Good luck with your goals!