Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck 2017

I visited the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck a few days ago! I threw together a last minute decora lolita coord because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear something extra special.

Coord Rundown:
Wig - Taobao
T- Shirt - Tasty Peach Studios
Accessories - Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Claire's, and Taobao
Skirt - Wrapping Ribbon - Angelic Pretty
Tights - Dream Sky - Angelic Pretty
Bag - Loris on Taobao
Shoes - AnTaiNa

Hair Details! 

All together it took me 3 hours to get dressed, paint my nails, style the wig, and do my make-up. I think that's my new record.

I focused on a specified color scheme of lavender x yellow x pink, and started with a regular lolita coord as a base. Then I opted for a T-shirt instead of a blouse and colorful patterned tights to add more decora characteristics. Of course lastly I had to top it off with all of the accessories. I think I could use more bag charms though. 

The total wait was 3.5 hours! I'm glad I wore comfy shoes.

(Sorry for the bad lighting, it was indoors.)

Here's everything I got. They didn't have the doughnuts which was my first choice, so I went for the cookies and the macarons. I also wanted to get one of the hair bows but they were sold out. The tote bag was free if you spent over a certain amount. I recommend getting there early if you're planning on going.

The macarons are adorable, but they didn't really taste that good to me, they were a little bit dry. 

The cookies were good, but just taste like any frosted sugar cookie you can get at a bakery. It's definitely more about the novelty of eating snacks that look like Hello Kitty than the taste lol. Still worth it though in my opinion. And after 3.5 hours in line you feel compelled to buy extra to make it worthwhile.

I'm thinking about using the coffee mug to display makeup in or something, but I haven't decided just yet. They open it out of the box in front of you so you can check if it's scratched which is nice.

The button and sticker were free. I'm glad I was able to get a souvenir that I can wear.

Thank you for reading! Are you planning on visiting the hello kitty cafe truck?


  1. 3.5 hours! That is crazy to just buy some snacks. I hoped to your new necklace in action, but maybe another 3.5 hours to get doughnuts and a headbow?

    1. It was crazy. It was a fun atmosphere though, and I think that made it worth the wait! :)