Saturday, September 30, 2017

Lulu's Garden, Diamond Honey, and More: Taobao Stores Review

Another taobao haul! The theme of this one was too many hairbows, that way I never have to worry about not having a bow to match something again. See the details under the cut! As usual I used Spree Now as my shopping service, they're always very great to work with. You can read my review of their services here.

Lulu's Garden - Strawberry JSK
Overall I feel like this is a decent piece for the price, and I'm satisfied. Cheaper and slightly above bodyline in quality. The waist ties are removable, the straps are adjustable, the colors are vibrant, and everything fits comfortably. The shirring stretches properly and the dress is easy to care for. My only complaint is that the fabric is pretty thin, but this is ok for summer and it does feel like a very seasonal print that I would only wear in the summer. Another thing to note may be that the there is no zipper in the dress. This is my first piece from Lulu's Garden, so I can't really say anything about their other prints. They do have some really cute designs though! Great pieces for casual and I can totally see some of them being styled into otome coords as well. Honestly I went for this one because the price was so great, but it's turned into something that I wear pretty frequently. I like things that can be styled with a slight retro influence because they're nice for everyday wear.

Diamond Honey (negative) - otk's and bows
I've admired Diamond Honey as a taobao brand for so long... but I'm so disappointed with them! I ordered three things from them, and 2 of the 3 arrived with damages. The clips on the back of the lavender bows are covered in rust. It doesn't photograph too well, but I really don't want to be putting them in my hair. I've been meaning to go get some steel wool to try to clean them off. If it works out well maybe they can be saved. The socks had the red ink from the print bleeding all over themselves. It also didn't photograph too well but it's very noticeable in real life. I can't believe they would even send these out. They were wrapped up in (super cute) packaging so I can't blame my SS for not noticing. I feel like there are are so few brands that cater to the more ott/loud and colorful sweet styles ever since muted color schemes and sack dresses became the in-style thing, so it's very disappointing to see this. Maybe I just had super bad luck though because every review I've read of them has been positive.

Cutie Creator - Hair bows
Good quality like always! Cutie Creator never disappoints me. The listing for these bows does include 2 as a pair which is nice. The colors are a bit brighter in person than in photos.

Wig Store - Auburn Wig
It has a decent amount of thickness/volume, and the bangs are actually thick enough to cover someone's forehead. There are adjustable straps on the inside. The color is a bit more red than in the stock photos, which I think is the only thing you would have to watch out for. The current wig trend seems to always be the thinner styles because they look more natural, but I find that they are never thick enough to hide the wig cap and hair underneath. Thankfully all the wigs I've gotten from this store don't follow that trend! I really miss when big hair was the popular style, it made buying wigs much easier. 

Accessory Store - Bows, bracelets, and wristcuffs
I'm happy with everything I received from this store, except the bracelets. The bows are good quality, the lace on the wristcuffs is soft, and the cherry bows are detachable on the white pair. The bracelets do run very small in size, and they're just strung on regular elastic. I'm a little worried that they may break easily, they seem pretty fragile.

Red Maria - bracelets, star clips, detachable sleeves, 1 mint wristcuff
Red Maria has really cute designs, but the biggest drawback is that they very rarely restock anything in their store! I've been waiting for almost a year for them to restock some of their jewelry and when it finally went back up I went for it. The bracelets are all strung on elastic and they run pretty small in size, like most bracelets on taobao. The hair clips are nice, I like the translucent fabric they use. I ordered 2 mint wristcuffs, but of course they sold out and only 1 was left so I got stuck with 1. The detachable sleeves are a really cute idea! I've never seen them sold separately like this before. They can be worn with a short sleeved blouse to transform it into something with long sleeves, or worn scrunched up like arm warmers. The roses are detachable and can be pinned onto other things, which is a nice perk that I don't think was advertised in the listing.

Bonus coord photos:

Coord Rundown:
Hat - Pinky Girls
Blouse - Souffle Song
JSK - Lulu's Garden
Necklace - Ebay
Bag - Loris
Socks - Hue
Shoes - Sosic Shop

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  1. Your taobao hauls are always super cute! Such a bummer about the Diamond Honey stuff though.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually added another 2 pairs of socks from diamond honey into my most recent taobao order for Halloween, so hopefully those turn out to be ok. They look they will be comfy to wear even if the print is bleeding. They previewed a new cherry print on their instagram the other day that I really liked, but I would probably be too nervous to order a main piece from them...

  2. I have heard bad things about Diamond honey before, so you are not the only one.