Monday, May 2, 2016

ClosetChild Online Shop Review and Haul

This is my 5th time I believe shopping on Closet Child's online website, and as I'm sure you can tell by the number of times I've shopped there, this is going to be a positive review! Closet Child is a store in Japan that sells lolita, otome, punk, and other harajuku style clothing secondhand. Read more for the details and to see my finds.

My Haul:
1. Algonquins pink sleeveless blouse
2. Angelic Pretty's Magical Etoile OTK's in mint
3. Angelic Pretty's Royal Cards OTK's in red

Now onto the review! Here is my timeline of my order.

Thursday April 14 - I placed my order and sent in my payment at the same time.
Sunday April 17 - I received the order confirmation
Monday April 18 - Package was shipped, and I received the tracking number
Saturday April 23 - Packaged arrived

Ease of Ordering: 3.5/5
The entire order form is in Japanese which can look intimidating, but an order form guide on the website breaks down the steps into English for those who don't speak Japanese. Or simply turning on google translate if you use chrome as your internet browser will translate each webpage into English. The order form requires you to fill in your shipping and contact information after placing your items into the cart.

Shipping: 3/5
The only shipping option available currently on CC for international buyers is EMS shipping, which is very reliable, quick, includes a tracking number and insurance, but is unfortunately very expensive! I wish that there were more options, because I sometimes see just 1 or 2 items I want, but can't justify buying them because shipping would cost too much, especially for smaller items like jewelry or socks. I suppose it's worth the price because I have never had any issues with my packages being lost, and shipping from CC usually takes about 2-3 days for me. This order took 5 days to arrive after shipment, which is the longest I've ever had to wait for a CC package.

Speed: 5/5
My package shipped the day after I got my confirmation email, and shipping took less than a week! Brands could really learn a thing or two from Closet Child, I'm so sick of AP and BTSSB charging such outrageous shipping prices and having my packages take 3 weeks to arrive.

Item Quality: 6/5
The item quality of CC is what makes them one of my favorite places to shop! They sell mostly secondhand clothes, but also some brand new items and accessories in their shop. Every item is rated on a scale from 5 to 1, with 1 being "acceptable" quality, and 5 being "mint condition." Most things on the site seem to be rated a 3. Both pairs of socks I purchased were rated a 4, because they were unworn. When they arrived they were perfect. The blouse was rated a 3 due to some discoloration on the bow by the neckline, but when it arrived I couldn't even see it. I once purchased an Innocent World bolero that was rated a 3, and when it arrived it still had the tags on it! Everything I've gotten has turned out to be in better condition than described.

Price and Selection: 4/5 
Most of the prices on CC are pretty fair, with lots of deals to be found, and sales about once a month to lower some prices even further. The new with tag Innocent World bolero that I purchased a few orders ago was only 4,800 yen, or 45USD with today's conversions. You can frequently find dresses in good condition for about half the list price. Some things like new socks that are in high demand tend to remain at list price. Unfortunately whenever CC gets in rare or popular pieces like Misty Sky or Day Dream Carnival they aren't afraid to raise the prices high above list price at about 40,000 to 50,000 yen per dress.
Wardrobe fillers like blouses and accessories are included with nearly every update. They don't always have the biggest selection of certain items, and things tend to sell fast, so it pays off to check the site frequently. They stock new items in every Thursday and Sunday, with update items always being visible on the homepage. Most main lolita brands are sold on CC.

Total Score: 4.3/5
Prices and quality definitely make Closet Child worth checking out. The quick shipping usually means you can get your items before events if you plan accordingly. As long as you're willing to pay the high shipping prices I really recommend them! I've had nothing but positive experiences.

Haul Details:

I bought the blouse on a whim because I've been in need of some more (even though I went on a blouse shopping spree last month, blog post here), and this one came out to about 16USD after conversions so I couldn't resist! It's a bit wide on me, but I was expecting that. This is my first piece from Algonquins, and I'm so impressed I want more. The chiffon is light and flowy, and the buttons are shaped like bows, a detail I didn't see until in person. The three bows are detachable, which I'm ecstatic about because I can use them to accessorize other blouses and coords too. The blouse really is sleeveless though, I was hoping that it would cover more of my shoulders. I'll probably wear it mostly under jackets and cardigans, plus maybe even the one OP I own? I don't think it covers enough to wear under a JSK.

The socks are the reason I placed the order, specifically the Royal Cards OTK's to match my recently acquired dream dress. The Magical Etoile OTK's were a great find too because I had been searching for any mint colored socks or tights for some upcoming coords.

The socks with the dress! Truly a match made in heaven <3

Thank you for reading! 

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