Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Japonica Market Shopping Service Review

Shopping services are something that I don't have too much experience with. I had avoided using for a few years because I was always worried about the complications. They seemed difficult to use, and I was nervous about issues with communication happening. For anyone who doesn't know, a shopping service is a company that will buy things from international websites that don't ship to other countries, and then ship them to you. I decided to finally try using one to take advantage of some of the cheaper prices on the Japanese auction sites like Yahoo Japan, and Mbok. There are so many shopping services to choose from it can be hard to pick. I decided on Japonica Market because I had two people recommend them to me, and it turned out to be a very positive experience.

Website and Communication     5/5

The website is easy to navigate, and includes guides on how to find items online, place an order, and calculate commission fees and costs. There is also a nice currency exchange chart in the top right corner of the website. All orders are placed through email. The website and all communication is in English. Communication was always very efficient, usually I would receive a response in only a few hours.

Service     5/5

Every time there is an update on the status of an item it is sent to you in an email. The emails break down the cost of everything between each item, commission fees, and shipping. The information is presented in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Cost     4/5 

Out of all the shopping services that I looked into, they had some of the cheapest commission fees that I came across. Each item has it's own commission cost based on the price of the item. There is also a charge to pay for the paypal fees, which I believe may be the only form f payment that they accept. 

Shipping and Packaging     5/5

Japonica Market offers two different shipping options: Airmail and EMS. I choose EMS because it's the most secure type of shipping. The cost of shipping seems to follow the usual EMS prices. I purchased a dress and a necklace. Each item was sealed in a plastic bag, then wrapped in bubble wrap. They were shipping together in one box. Nothing was damaged, everything arrived in great condition.

Overall     5/5

I'm very satisfied with my experience, and I'm glad I decided to venture out and try Japonica Market. Everything was quick and easy to understand, the cost was reasonable, and my items were packaged nicely. I plan on continuing to use Japonica Market as my SS in the future. 

Here is what I got:

Angelic Pretty's Milky Planet JSK and Alice bow 2013 re-release in sax

Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope unicorn necklace in sax

Thank you for reading!

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