Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anime Midwest 2015

Anime Midwest is one of the most popular conventions not only for anime but also for lolita fashion in the Midwest area. This year I traveled to Chicago just for the convention with two of my friends. I saw the Baby the Stars Shine Bright fashion show and got the chance to meet Kumiko Uehara, the designer of my dream dress! I had never seen so many lolitas at once at a convention before, and all of the coordinates were incredible. You can click on any of the photos below to make them bigger.

Day 1 - Friday

Outfit Rundown:
Wig - Lockshop's Starlet in honey
JSK and Hair Bow - Alice's Dollhouse - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse - Atelier Pierrot
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Necklace - Angelic Pretty
Bracelets - Forever 21
Tights - J-Crew (?)
Shoes - Bodyline

Friday was the day of Kumiko Uehara's panel so I decided to wear Alice's Dollhouse, my first dream dress, because she designed it. My favorite thing about wearing pink and blue outfits is that my glasses match perfectly. 

We spent half the day traveling to the convention. Kumiko Uehara had a Q and A panel in the early afternoon, and that was first on our list of things to do. I had preregistered online before the convention, but it was too late to have my badge mailed to me, so I still needed to wait in the registration lines. We waited two and a half hours in line and ended up missing Kumiko Uehara's panel. We got there right as it ended, but we did make it in time to get some photos. 

Meeting Kumiko Uehara was such a cool experience! She was so sweet, and her coord was adorable. Thank you to Julie for taking the photo above. We finished up the day by shopping in the dealer's room, and taking more photos.

Day 2 - Saturday

Outfit Rundown:
Sunburst Halo - Handmade
Accessories - Ann Taylor Loft
Wig - Lockshop's Starlet in honey
Blouse - Bodyline
JSK - Star Mille-Feuille - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Tights - Misty Sky - Angelic Pretty
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Bodyline

On Saturday I wore an updated version of my Star Mille-Feuille coord. I was so excited to have another opportunity to wear this dress! I really wanted to bring out the star details in the dress, so I made the whole coord sky themed. I paired the dress with my misty sky tights, star accessories, and a handmade sunburst halo.

The lighting outside was perfect for photos, so we made sure to take a lot! On Saturday we went to the Btssb fashion show, the indie designer fashion show, and a few panels. 

Day 3 - Sunday

Sunday we spent the day doing some last minute shopping, and traveling back home. I wore a more casual version of my coord for Friday.

Shopping Haul!

I bought some cute accessories from a few booths in the dealer's room. Most of them were from the Lolita Collective. I can't wait to incorporate these into some future coords. 

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