Saturday, February 7, 2015

Star Mille-Feuille

I very recently bought Star Mille-Feuille from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. It's the sax x blue x cream colorway. Lately I have been wanting my wardrobe to branch out into different colorways because everything that I own in lolita is either pink or black. I'm very excited to have my first blue dress to coordinate.

Here is my first coord with the dress.

Outfit Rundown:

Blouse - Bodyline
JSK - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Tights - Angelic Pretty's Misty Sky
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Bodyline
Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft

For this specific outfit I was going for a sky themed, mahou-kei inspired look. The sky theme really fits in with the mahou-kei aesthetic, and the blouse and bag really sweeten up the coord. The gold stars in the dress and the shoes give the outfit an even more magical feel. I'm very excited to finally have something to wear my Misty Sky tights with. I've had them for over a year, but I felt that they never matched any of my other lolita dresses well enough, so I was only wearing them with other styles.

These gold shoes are my new favorite lolita shoes. 

This necklace really brings out the sky theme of the outfit! I love the different colors and sparkles in it. It's very detailed, and I'll be using it in more coords in the future for sure.

Star Mille-Feuille is by far the most detailed and extravagant dress that I own. The stock pictures online truly don't do it justice, and neither do my photos here. I loved the dress when I was looking at it online, but in person it's unbelievably beautiful! The dress is covered in metallic gold stars that brightly reflect light, making them look as if they're glowing. The layers of fabric that make up the dress are light which give the dress a very airy and delicate look. The bows and ribbons on the front of the dress have gold metallic stripes, and the bows on the sides of the dress have a beautiful cream colored lace trim. Btssb even put their logo on the front of the dress in the form of a charm which is an adorable touch. 

I should have a chance to wear this dress to an upcoming event soon, and I can't wait to finally wear it. I'll be sure to take some outfit pictures for here, tumblr, and instagram.

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