Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cotton Candy Shop Angelic Pretty 2015 Lucky Pack Review

This year I was lucky enough to get one of Angelic Pretty's New Year lucky packs! I stayed up until 3 am for the release and ordered one from Angelic Pretty's Japanese website. I used Tenso as a shopping service because Angelic Pretty's Japanese website requires one for international customers. I got the JSK set in black. Lavender was my first choice, but it sold out too fast. Everything sold out in about 15 minutes. The JSK set included a JSK dress with matching over the knee socks, a matching alice bow headband, a white blouse, and a matching purse. I wanted to wait until I used everything that came in the lucky pack a few times before writing this review, so here it finally is!

Here is everything that came in the lucky pack.

The JSK is not the same quality as a regular full price JSK from Angelic Pretty, but it still a great deal for the price! The fabric is thinner than most AP dresses, so it is a great dress for warmer weather, or for layering in the winter. The print is super detailed, and the colors are very vibrant. The dress uses one of Angelic Pretty's custom lace styles that has stars with the AP initials inside them. The back of the dress is fully shirred, so it can fit a variety of different sizes. It also has two pockets, which may be my favorite feature because it makes it more practical to wear.

The details in the print photograph nicely.
The matching alice bow headband is the same quality as my other Angelic Pretty hair bows. The print is centered in the middle of the bow, which is a nice detail. The socks are my first pair of brand socks. I prefer to wear tights with lolita, so these were a nice change of pace. The socks are thick, warm, and actually go over my knees! I was worried about them being to short on me, because I feel that I'm sometimes too tall for certain pieces, even though I consider myself average height... but these fit me well.

The blouse is my first Angelic Pretty blouse, so I don't have much to compare it to. According to some other reviews that I have read, the blouse is thinner than most AP blouses. I believe this because if I want to wear it with a skirt, I have to wear something underneath it because its so thin. The collar has small ribbon bows on it, and the buttons have silver glitter in them. The lace on the blouse even has stars in it. Despite it being thin material, it still has lots of nice details to it, so my overall reaction is still more positive than negative.

The purse that came with the set is made from Angelic Pretty's usual synthetic leather. Its soft and cleans easily. The bag has a pocket across the back and two cell phone sized pockets on the inside. It's light and it stretches easily to fit a decent amount of things inside. Its about the same quality as my other Angelic Pretty bags.

 As a whole I am very satisfied with my purchase! The lucky pack was a great value for the money, and I would recommend them to anyone in the lolita community.

Here is my first coordinate with everything that came in the set!

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