Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Lolita Resolutions + Plans

Last year writing about my goals for the new year really helped to motivate me to complete them, and I followed through on every single one! So this year I also wanted to make sure that I have that same inspiration driving me. The LBC challenge for this week is to write about our top 3 resolutions and plans to achieve them.

1. Write More!
I've never written it down anywhere, but I've always challenged myself to post at least 1 blog entry per month since I started this blog, and so far I have! This past year I even had at least 2 every month. But my usual blog posts are something that I tend to use as a place to showcase photos without really writing too much about them. So starting this year I want to try to write more in depth about things relating to the fashion. I think these LBC challenges are a really good place for me to start. I also want to try to upload some magazine scans too, for a new type of post. I have a pretty big collection now, including a few issues of Girlism which don't seem to be anywhere online yet. Is this something that may be interesting to anyone?

2. Start making jewelry as a new hobby!
I've been buying resin and jewelry making supplies on ebay the past few weeks, and now I want to start actually using them to make things. If this plan backfires maybe I'll try to get into sewing or embroidery? I want to learn some type of new creative skill this year, regardless of how many different things I have to try. The picture above is the kind of look that really inspires me! The current plan is to try to make something new every month.

3. Start a journal where I can plan/draw/organize photos, write about outfits, and hanging out with my fashion friends. 
I follow a lot of planner/stationary/journaling accounts on instagram, some of them lolita and planner accounts at the same time, and I've been wanting to join in for a while now. I never really post photos from meetups or hanging out with friends because I feel like they're so personal, but I do tend to print them out and pin them up places. I want to organize them into a cute journal to keep better track of them and give myself an opportunity to use my cute stationary that I keep buying. I've also been missing out on drawing as a means to plan coords, and that is also something I could add to my journal or whatever I decide to call it.

(Bonus) : 4. Get into otome-kei a bit more, and buy at least 1 more ETC piece that I really like, plus some socks.
I got my first dress from Emily Temple Cute this year and I've worn it out a few times, but every time I feel like I coord it in very similar ways. This is partly because I feel like I don't have much to match, so I want to keep my eyes out for more patterned socks and sweaters and such to change up my coording options. I also want to try to track down another ETC dress that I really like, because it's for sure my favorite otome brand. I'm thinking that I'd really like to collect more animal themed prints. especially poodles. I also absolutely adore how ETC styles the hair of their models for magazine photo shoots, and if I could ever figure out how to do that, I would be so happy! I won't make that part a main goal though because I'm expecting it most likely backfire haha.

Thank you for reading!

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Do you have any resolutions for the new year?


  1. Those sounds like some good goals! I hope you blog about your adventures in jewellery (or other crafty things) as I'd really love to read that.

    1. For sure! It'll make for some interesting posts I hope.