Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Birthday Outfit With Star Mille-Feuille

This year I wore Btssb's Star Mille-Feuille for my birthday!

Outfit Rundown:
Blouse - Bodyline
Necklace - Angelic Pretty
JSK - Star Mille-Feuille - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Tights - Misty Sky - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Bodyline

I didn't really plan a coord out ahead of time like usual, so I went with something really similar to another coord that I've already worn with this dress for convenience. I still had a lot of fun wearing it though!  You can see last year's birthday outfit here. 

I treat myself to a dress every year for my birthday, and this year it was Angelic Pretty's Merry Making Party in yellow. The cakes, banners, and presents give this dress the perfect theme for the occasion. This is my first yellow piece, but I'm excited to coord it because yellow is such a happy color. There are so many cute details in the print that I think I'll be able to coord a lot of accessories with it too.

Thank you for reading!

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