Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Lolita Wardrobe Post

Welcome to my first ever wardrobe post!  I had a lot of fun putting this together, so I hope you all enjoy it! Under the cut because it's so image heavy. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.


Cotton Candy Shop - Angelic Pretty
Fancy Paper Dolls - Angelic Pretty

Original Tartan Check - Alice and the Pirates
Alice's Doll House - Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Star Millefeuille - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Vintage School - Angelic Pretty

Dreamy Girl - Angelic Pretty
Milky Planet (2013) - Angelic Pretty

Pink OP - Bodyline
Little Lady - Angelic Pretty

I Scream For Ice Cream - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Military Sweets - Bodyline

The World's Most Adorable Dog and the World's Most Delicious Strawberry Frappe - Btssb
Love Jewelry - Bodyline
Fantasy Theater - Angelic Pretty

Chelsea LaLa - Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Victorian Tassel - Angelic Pretty
Velveteen Skirt and Vest Set - Angelic Pretty


Bodyline / Atelier Pierrot

Angelic Pretty / Bodyline / Vintage

Boleros and Cardigans

Innocent World x Peter Rabbit / Bodyline / Offbrand

Angelic Pretty / Nordstrom


Angelic Pretty / Lockshop

Enchantlic Enchantilly / Claire's

Angelic Pretty

Sweet Mildred / Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty

Vintage / Lolita Collective

Dreamy Horoscope
Fancy Paper Dolls
Promenade de Paris
Fantasy Theater
(all Angelic Pretty)

Angelic Pretty / Loris

Bodyline / Rollie


Btssb / Lockshop / Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty / Lolita Collective

Hue / Target / Forever 21 / Nordstrom / Betsey Johnson 
(ask if you want to know where any specific item is from)


  1. Love your wardrobe! :) So much things!I like that you mix different series:) You reminded me to buy more accessories :D I can't understand why there is no comments :/

    1. Thank you so much! :) Sometimes I feel like my wardrobe is all over the place, but there are so many different styles and themes that I like. It's too hard to just pick one!